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To join our discussions and share your views - make sure you become part of our telegram community by clicking here!   Today I am speaking to Aymard Dudok de Wit. He is one of the first people from the crypto space that I have met. Aymard has a masters degree in Social Entrepreneurship, is a previous startup scaling consultant across Europe and co-founder of Serendipia’s social innovation camps. He is now an advisor to Serendipia’s upcoming ICO, managing partner at Esoteric Capital, advisor at "Ausum Blockchain Fund" angel investing in blockchain and tech and traveling to engage with the different local crypto ecosystems around the world. In this interview we discuss:

  • how did Aymard get into crypto
  • why Aymard's motivation is much more than the money
  • what his learning curve was like
  • changes in crypto perception
  • Aymard's crypto mistakes
  • how crypto changed his life
  • the future developments of the blockchain
  • crypto regulation
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