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Many people ask me "how do you manage to get all those known guests on your show?". The thing is - there is no one generic answer. Each guest has his own back story of how we connected.

In this case, it's been a completely cold call. I asked a friend who's been into crypto since a long time who he follows and who are credible and reputable names that I should interview. My friend gave me 5 names.

Jake Burkhard was among them. The first thing I did was look for common friends so I could be introduced... None were found. So I simply went on Twitter and tweeted my pitch publicly to Jake... and he said yes within 10 minutes. No wonder my friend was impressed ) and was I.

So today my guest is the co-founder of Coinfund Jake Brukhman. Coinfund is one of the first crypto funds founded in 2015. Jake has a background in maths and computer science, has worked in hedge fund and Amazon.

His journey down the rabbit hole started from the moment when his very geeky friend sent him 0.5 BTC. The journey eventually brought him to founding Coinfund - born from the idea of creating and diversifying portfolio of digital assets. In this interview we discuss:

  • which personality types do best in crypto
  • what's so exciting about blockchain
  • the risk appetites and biases of crypto holders
  • where and how to learn about blockchain and crypto online


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